Eyes on the 2024 European Elections

Listen To People: Effectively and Positively Persuading Audiences Beyond Our Echo Chambers


The ‘Listen to People’ project will mobilise European citizens around European democracy and values ahead of the European elections in 2024 and strengthen the strategic communication and outreach capacity of civil society, activists, and change-makers.

Based on recent polling and focus group research, and using cutting-edge analysis, framing, and targeting, the European Movement will develop campaign messages optimised for middle, persuadable audiences in 8 EU countries, with the intention to reach, with positive narratives about democracy, participation, and European values, audiences that are outside the usual echo-chambers of civil society. Our target is to reach and engage 10 million Europeans ahead of the European elections.

Furthermore, to strengthen and expand the reach of national and European CSOs, activists, and change-makers, we will design and implement a capacity-building programme. The goal is to build the strategic communications capacity of young local campaigners in a very practical and applicable manner, which will help amplify and multiply the impact of our election mobilising efforts.

Since 2018 the European Movement International (EMI) has been developing this communications and campaigns methodology that can enable civil society to reach beyond activist and base audiences. Our campaigns have focused on impactful, positive societal narrative changeAs a result, our digital campaigns in 2022 reached more than 40 million people, left over 50 million impressions, and achieved almost 9 million post engagements across Europe.

The current phase of the LTP project is implemented from January 2023 until July 2024 in 8 EU countries: Estonia, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, and Finland, and consists of 4 segments:

  • I Analysis of the polling results
  • II Message optimisation and focus group testing
  • III Dissemination of the learnings and capacity building
  • IV Digital campaigning and community building

By Maja Bobic – Head of Projects & Fundraising, European Movement International