Russia's invasion of Ukraine 2022

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A plurality of Finns (43%) say their country is on the right track. Finland (and Estonia) are the only
countries surveyed where the percentage of citizens who think their country is on the right track,
exceeds those who believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.

Trust for the media is also much higher in Finland than other countries surveyed.

Finns’ disapproval of Vladimir Putin is the highest of any country surveyed. They are more likely to blame Putin for the war in Ukraine, agree the war is not legitimate, support sanctions against Russia, support maintaining sanctions even if sanctions cause economic hardships and agree that Russian disinformation must be stopped, than citizens in the other countries surveyed. (Note: Estonian and Finnish attitudes are comparable on most questions.)

Other country highlights include:
• 92% of Finns have an unfavorable opinion of Vladimir Putin (84% very unfavorable) – the highest
unfavorable of any country surveyed
• 86% think Russia’s reasons for waging war against Ukraine are not legitimate – the highest
percentage of any country surveyed
• 86% support (76% strongly) sanctions against Russia – the highest strongly support and
combined (strongly and somewhat) support of any country surveyed.
• 84% agree (59% strongly) that Russian disinformation must be stopped — the highest total
agreement of any country surveyed.

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