Invasion of Ukraine 2022

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Almost half of Hungarians (47%) think Russia’s reasons for invading Ukraine are legitimate – the
highest score of all countries surveyed. Only 30% of Hungarians blame Putin for the war in Ukraine
– the second lowest percentage of the nine countries surveyed. (27% of Greeks blamed Putin.) And like the Greeks, 21% of Hungarians blame the United States for the war in Ukraine. When it comes to ascribing blame for the war in Ukraine, both Hungary and Greece are outliers.

Just 38% of Hungarians support (12% strongly) allowing Ukrainian refugees to remain in Hungary
for up to three years – the lowest support percentage recorded among the nine countries surveyed.
Only 42% of Hungarians support (21% strongly) sanctions against Russia – again the lowest percentage recorded among the nine countries surveyed. And reducing and removing sanctions, if they harm Hungary’s economy, is favored by 71% of Hungarians – the highest percentage among all survey countries.

Just 29% of Hungarians are consistent supporters of democracy and, by a 2-to-1 margin, Hungarians
say their satisfaction with democracy has decreased (30%), as opposed to increased (14%), since the
Russian attack on Ukraine.

Other country highlights include:
• 47% think Russia’s reasons for waging war against Ukraine are legitimate – the highest percent
age of any country surveyed.
• Only 36% support (12% strongly) Ukrainian refugees receiving the same social benefits as
Hungarians – statistically tied with France (35%) for the lowest support for refugees recorded
among all countries surveyed.
• Only 28% strongly agree that Russian disinformation must stop.
• 28% oppose (16% strongly) sanctions against Russia – the highest opposition recorded among all
countries surveyed.

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