Invasion of Ukraine 2022

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Two thirds of citizens in France (65%) say their country is on the wrong track – the second highest wrong track percentage recorded. Almost 9 out of 10 (86%) agree economic inequality is growing in France –the highest percent of agreement recorded among the nine countries surveyed. And more than 4 in 10 (44%) strongly agree economic inequality is on the rise.

81% agree (37% strongly agree) that the world is increasingly dangerous place – the highest recorded percentage on this question though statistically the same as attitudes in Poland where 80% agree about the growing global dangers.

While 47% remain consistent supporters of democracy, French citizens say their satisfaction with democracy has decreased (37%), as opposed to increased (9%) since the Russian attack on Ukraine. And only 22% strongly agree (total agree 58%) that Russian aggression is a threat to French democracy.

Almost 7 in 10 French citizens (69%) say Russia’s reasons for invading Ukraine are not legitimate, and 61% blame Putin directly for the war.

Just 10% of French have a very favorable opinion of the European Union. Total favorability of the European Union in France is under fifty percent (45%) – similar to the European Union’s total favorability in Greece (35%), Hungary (42%) and Italy 43%.

Strong support for NATO in France (11%) and NATO’s favorability (4% very favorable) are the lowest
recorded among all countries surveyed.

Other country highlights include:
• 69% say Russia’s reasons for invading Ukraine are not legitimate, 31% say there was some
legitimacy to Russia’s attack.
• 68% agree (34% strongly agree) that Russian disinformation must be stopped. More than in
Greece, Hungary and Italy, but less than in every other country surveyed.
• Just 57% of French agree that “within the European Union we need to do everything we can to
help countries in need”– statistically tied with Germany (58%) for the lowest support for solidarity
among European Union nations.
• Only 51% support (18% strongly) Temporary Protective Status for Ukrainian refugees – the lowest
support for TPS among all countries surveyed.

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