Invasion of Ukraine 2022

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Among Germans, 53% percent say their country is on the wrong track. Just 38% percent are today consistent supporters of democracy – a drop of 18% percentage points since 2019.

While 66% say Russia’s reasons for invading Ukraine are not legitimate, one third disagree and think Russia had legitimate reasons for going to war with Ukraine.

By a 2 to 1 margin, Germans say their satisfaction with democracy since the Russian invasion of Ukraine has decreased (38%) – only 19% say their satisfaction has increased.

Forty-eight percent of Germans see Russian aggression as a threat to Germany’s democracy, but only 11% view it as a threat to Germany’s sovereignty. More than 6 in 10 Germans (63%) blame Putin for the war in Ukraine – the second highest score behind Finland where 70% says Putin is to blame.

Only 55% support (27% strongly) Temporary Protective Status for Ukrainian refugees – tied with Hungary and the second lowest support for TPS among all countries surveyed behind France (51%). And 19% strongly support (45% support) Ukrainian refugees receiving the same social benefits as Germans.

Other country highlights include:
• 75% support (59% strongly support) sanctions against Russia.
• 73% agree (49% strongly agree) that Russian disinformation must be stopped.
• 73% agree (44% strongly agree) that the Russian attack on Ukraine demonstrates the need for a
strong, common EU defense policy.
• 62% say sanctions against Russia should be maintained even if they harm Germany’s economy.
• Just 58% of Germans agree that “within the European Union we need to do everything we can to help countries in need”– statistically tied with France (57%) for the lowest support for solidarity among European Union nations.

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