Invasion of Ukraine 2022

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Two thirds of Romanians (65%) say their country is on the wrong track – the second highest wrong track percentage recorded. Almost 5 in 10 (47%) strongly agree economic inequality is growing in Romania. Seventy-one percent agree (39% strongly agree) that they worry constantly about the
future– the second highest recorded percentage on this question behind Greece.

Only 22% are consistent supporters of democracy and, by a 5 to 1 margin, Romanians say their satisfaction with democracy has decreased (51%), as opposed to increased (9%), since the Russian attack on Ukraine.

Almost 7 in 10 of Romanians (69%) say Russia’s reasons for invading Ukraine are not legitimate, but just 49% blame Putin directly for the war – another 21% say the Russia Federation bears prime responsibility for the war.

Strong support for NATO in Romania (52%) is higher than every country surveyed except Poland (61%) and Estonia (59%). And a majority of Romanians strongly agree (55%) that the Russian attack on Ukraine demonstrates the need for a strong, common European Union defense policy.

Other country highlights include:

• 75% agree (55% strongly agree) that Russian disinformation must be stopped – tied with Poland (55% strongly agree) and behind only (Estonia 61% strongly agree) and Finland (59% strongly agree).
• 70% support (54% strongly support) sanctions against Russia.
• 69% say Russia’s reasons for invading Ukraine are not legitimate, 31% say there was some legitimacy to Russia’s attack.
• 63% agree (32% strongly agree) that Russian aggression is a threat to democracy in Romania.
• Nearly half (47%) support reducing or removing sanctions against Russia entirely if sanctions
hurt the Romanian economy.

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